Digital Festival was a success

This year’s Digital Festival for seniors proved to be an inspiring and invaluable experience, providing both entertainment and guidance to seniors seeking engaging and purposeful activities.

Bitfix Gaming played a pivotal role at the Trondheim Public Library, collaborating with Seniornett and Hyperion Midt to orchestrate the Digital Festival, a modern take on the traditional SeniorSurf day, as endorsed by Seniornett.

Our mission for the event was to offer expert personnel and top-notch equipment, acquainting seniors with the realm of VR sets, console and computer games, all while fostering friendly conversations.

Enabling increased senior participation in the digital landscape is of utmost importance. We firmly believe that gaming has the potential to combat isolation, enhance physical and mental well-being, and ease entry into the realm of digital education.

To catch a glimpse of the day’s highlights, peruse the photos at the bottom of this page.

Bitfix Gaming: Committed to the Cause

Consequently, Bitfix Gaming envisions substantial possibilities for both facilitation and the progressive evolution of offerings tailored to individuals aged 55 and above. Who knows, perhaps an E-sports team for seniors will emerge on the horizon?

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