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At Bitfix Gaming, our core mission is to create engaging activities centered around technology, gaming, and esports for individuals of all ages. With a special focus on the youth demographic, BFG Leisure offers a unique program tailored for youngsters aged 10-18 years.

Opening Hours and Activities: BFG Leisure is open two days a week—Tuesdays and Thursdays—from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM. During these times, participants can dive into a world of diverse gaming and technology-oriented activities.

Facilities and Offerings: Our facility boasts an extensive array of gaming stations, including PCs, consoles, virtual reality setups, simulators, and a variety of board games. The Bitfix Gaming premises serve as a vibrant meeting point where social gaming, esports events, and various gatherings coalesce into a perfect blend of fun and learning.

A Typical Evening at BFG Leisure: Participants can enjoy a plethora of gaming options—ranging from PC and console gaming to VR experiences and simulation driving. Card games and role-playing games are also part of the mix, with a focus on esports through internal competitions and collaborative events with other local clubs. Beyond gaming, BFG Leisure encourages outdoor activities and explores technology-related projects.

Additional Access: Members of Bitfix Gaming also enjoy access to the facility on weekends and selected training days throughout the week, providing ample opportunity to hone their skills or simply enjoy their favorite games. In addition our members are crew on our events and LANS taking part in everything from planning to hosting.

Join us at BFG Leisure, where technology and play merge into an exhilarating adventure for the youth!

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