Cocojoba and Maxzen joins Bitfix Gaming

We’re happy to announce two additional members to our Stream Team ❤️‍🔥

Please welcome Maxzen and Cocojoba to the family 🧡

Introducing Maxzen

Maxzen is an avid fan of the FPS games genre. He streams games such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, PUBG: Battlegrounds and many more alike. Maxzen’s passions are video games, music and entertaining, which is why he has decided to persue live streaming.

Maxzen started streaming for a handfull of friends back in 2017 as a hobby, when PUBG first released in early access. After getting the taste for it, he decided that this was really something he wanted to take further. Now he is dedicated to take his stream to new hights by offering more content and streams than ever before.

Check out his stream and Social Media channels:

Introducing Cocojoba

Cocojoba is a variety streamer on twitch. He mainly plays valorant or other FPS games. He focuses on being entertaining and talking with the viewers. He has a big presence in especially the valorant community and he wants to keep growing as a variety streamer.

Together with Bitfix Gaming, Cococojoba is ready for a new journey as part of an organization that shares his vision and goals for the future.

Check out his stream and Social Media channels:

We see Maxzen and Cocojoba as a great asset to our stream team, and we welcome them with open arms as our newest streamers!

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