AeonAir joins Bitfix Gaming

We are thrilled and excited to announce that we have signed a partnership with one of the world’s best Geometry Dash players – please welcome AeonAir, as our new streamer, player and influencer in Bitfix Gaming!

AeonAir is a veteran Geometry Dash player from Trondheim, Norway – who has seen success over the last few years creating YouTube and Twitch content for his over 150 000 accumulative followers across his platforms. On his channels he specializes in Extreme Demon completions, which are the hardest difficulty of level in Geometry Dash, as well as general entertainment, discussions, and sharing his knowledge on how YOU can become better at the game.

He has a large Twitch presence, which is where we saw him shine, streaming for his over 40 000 Twitch followers. He has an engaging stream community, where he works on completing the hardest levels live, but also plays other games such as GeoGuessr, Bloons, and the occasional Just Chatting streams, where he finds himself doing more unique experiences, such as his recent cooking stream, that he cohosted with his grandmother.

Aeon has completed more than 25 of the current 150 hardest levels in Geometry Dash, and as of this announcement, his hardest completion is the level RUST by Neigefeu, which is the 18th hardest demon in the game; and among his other completions you find levels such as Bloodlust, Yatagarasu, Nhelv, and other impressive achievements.

We see Aeon as a great asset to our stream team, and we welcome him with open arms as our newest top streamer!

Join our Discord-server to take part in our growing community!

AeonAirs Social Media Channels:

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